Illustrator and cartoonist Marshall Hopkins

My name is Marshall. I was born in Minneapolis, MN, and raised in Ithaca, NY, by a neurobiologist father and a real estate broker mother. I’m a RISD painting grad and since then I’ve been an artist apprentice and a gold-leaf gilder in Sarasota, FL, an assistant cartoon editor and production artist in NYC, and a mandolin player and a design professor,  graphic designer, and a newspaper production director.

Prints of my cartoons that have appeared in The New Yorker magazine are available here.

For information about licensing my New Yorker cartoons for presentations or publications please visit and search for “Marshall Hopkins.”

Some of my clients include The New Yorker magazine, Scholastic Inc., Symantec, Martha Stewart, The New York Times, Weiden+Kennedy, Ithaca Times, Ezra Magazine, Bowdoin Magazine, Cornell University.

I also painted background matte paintings for the Emmy-nominated Pale Force with Paul Noth, Jim Gaffigan, my first and only IMDB listing.

Previously I was a member of Stream Colab which is the coworking space I shared in downtown Ithaca. I also worked in another coworking space in Greenpoint Brooklyn, the Pencil Factory. I really like working with busy creative types.

I am currently the Production Director/Designer at the Ithaca Times, Ithaca’s alt-weekly.

Get in touch!

Potential clients interested in commissioned illustrations or cartoons or other collaborations, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a quick note here or fill out this contact form, and I will get back to you straight away.